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Premiership Star Might Become Contractor Accountant

While Diego Costa of Chelsea wants £30 Million a year in China, it seems that Marten De Roon has different ideas about what he wants to do.

When he comes to the end of his Premiership career the Middlesbrough player doesn’t want to earn a few million quid in China and he doesn’t want the hassle of becoming a football manager. Instead, he quite likes the idea of being a contractor accountant.

It’s certainly not something you hear the typical Premiership footballer say, but the star who cost £12 million has recently commented that he interested about the possibility of working in an office and he wants to follow in the footsteps of a friend who is an accountant.

Fair enough I say, although you do have to wonder that if a Chinese club made him an offer for a few million quid in a year or two, would he really turn it down? I don’t think so, especially when you consider earning that type of money in a short amount of time would mean he is financially secure.

De Roon, who already has some goals and assists for Middlesbrough this season, is only 25 though, and this usually means that he has about 10 years left of playing as a professional footballer.

My guess is that his opinion might change in a few years, although who knows for sure? Maybe he will join the ranks of contractor accountants.

“I am very tempted to work in an office, there is nothing wrong with that,” he said. No there isn’t Marten, and many contractor accountants are paid very well for working out of their office every day. Some even have an office at home.

It certainly is a popular profession, due mainly to the fact there are now thousands of contractors and self employed people around the UK who require top quality accountants to handle their finances.

Statistics show that companies want more contractors and many workers want to become contractors, which ultimately means the demand for accountants who specialise in this area is always going to be strong.

In my opinion, good on Marten De Roon for noticing this and thinking about what he is going to do after his playing days are finished, although if he does get a big money move to China then his motivation to become a contractor accountant might not be there anymore.

Who knows though, maybe this will become the new “in” thing for footballers to do once they finished their playing careers. Forget about lounging around all day and counting your money…become an accountant.

I don’t think this will happen though, although we may one day see Marten De Roon in an office, but for now we can continue watching his skills on the pitch.

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