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Santa has to Pay Tax…in Belarus

Christmas is all but over, which means now is the perfect time to send Santa Claus a tax bill through the post. Well that’s what they’ve done in Belarus.

Santa Claus, or Grandpa Frost as he is known in many parts of Eastern Europe, usually spends most of his time going round the towns and villages of Belarus and meeting with families to give the children gifts. He is usually accompanied by his assistant…the Snow Maiden.

Now you would think they would get a pass from the Belarus tax department because they are going round and giving gifts and all that, but no, they want Santa and the Snow Maiden to pay tax just like everyone else.

The government of Belarus made it official on their website, stating that, “Grandpa Frost and Snow Maiden also pay their taxes.”

However, many people in Belarus are angry at the news, with some saying that this might be the last Christmas they see Santa and the Snow Maiden visit their town or village.

I hope that Grandpa Frost and the Snow Maiden continue to do their thing around Belarus next Christmas, it’s just they might want to start looking for a good accountant so they don’t get in trouble with the government.

This all comes at a time of course when many people in the UK are doing their own tax returns. Sure, there is about 1 month until they have to be handed over to the government on the 31st January, but reports are suggesting that many are taking care of it early.

In fact, recent statics show that 6,214 did their tax return on Christmas Eve, while another 6,200 did one on Christmas.

I wonder how many contractors were in those numbers? A few I’m sure, because if there is one thing I know it’s that of the thousands of contractors around the UK…the vast majority like to get their tax returns in well on time so there is no rushing around.

As we all know, if you miss the 31st January date then a fine of £100 is automatic, and if you don’t do anything within 3 months of that then expect to be getting a call from the Inland Revenue.

Fortunately, doing your tax return in the UK is now really easy to do online, so you don’t have to mess around with sending in forms or anything like that.

This has led to the soon to be introduced quarterly digital tax return, which has divided opinion among contractors and self employed people in general.

You will be expected to file your taxes 4 times a year online, although some people think it makes the whole process more simple. However, others argue it is actually more complicated and will take up a lot of time.

Who knows…maybe Santa Claus in Belarus will be doing his tax return online 4 times a year if countries in Eastern Europe follow our example? Let’s see how it works out first though.

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