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Philip Hammond Launches Stunning Attack on Contractors

Everybody thought the Autumn Statement from Chancellor Philip Hammond was going to be good for contractors. How wrong they were.

Instead, Mr Hammond went on the attack towards contractors and the self employed, saying they are costing him and the government $4 billion a year.

In my opinion this just goes to show how out of touch someone like Philip Hammond is with what is really going on in this country.

Right now we have 5 million hard working British people who classify themselves as self employed. Many say it is these people that keep the economy going, especially during those times when the country needs stability…like right now.

That’s why many thought the Autumn Statement was going to be favourable towards self employed people in general, but no, all we hear is negative statements such as how contractors and the self employed will cost the Treasury £4.5 billion every year by 2020.

There is no mention of the benefits and good points of having so many enterprising people in the UK. It’s always the negative, and that is why Philip Hammond and many people at the government don’t have a clue if you ask me.

He went on to talk about “cracking down” on ordinary hard working Brits who he thinks are not paying enough tax.

This all comes at a time of course when the UK are borrowing more money than ever before, with the national debt somewhere in the region of 2 trillion pounds. Funny how Philip Hammond never talks about that or how the country got into a position where it owes that kind of money.

It’s always about how can they get more money out of the ordinary man and woman on the street, so they can continue to go about their business of running the country…badly.

The fact of the matter is that more people than ever before are turning towards self employment, especially now that it is easy to work from home. Millions are deciding to trade the office lifestyle for a laptop.

Unfortunately for the government, this means they are losing out on tax, because a self employed person typically pays slightly less than someone who is employed but makes the same amount of money.

Well, it seems that Philip Hammond doesn’t like this one bit, and if there is one message we can all take away from his Autumn Statement it is this…if you are a contractor, freelancer, gig worker, or own your business, he wants more money from you. Simple as that.

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