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Sam Allardyce Criticises HMRC and Accountants

We all know that Sam Allardyce was sacked as the England manager, but what many media outlets are not reporting is that he criticised the HMRC and accountants.

It was during that same undercover video where he is filmed talking about receiving payments for transfers that he also touched on these other subjects.

In one part he can be heard saying that HMRC is the “most corrupt business” in the UK, an opinion he no doubt formed after being investigated for both a tax scam and tax fraud.

This was all part of an undercover video by the Telegraph of course, where journalists posed as business people from the Far East and then attended a meeting with Allardyce and his agent.

The main topic of conversation was transfers and getting around FA rules, which ultimately led to him getting fired as England manager after only 1 game in charge.

In another quote he was heard saying about the HMRC – “They fly out tax demands without any real knowledge whether they should or shouldn’t.”

Harsh words for sure, and not something the HMRC will look upon as being funny.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we see headlines involving both Allardyce and HMRC in the future, as they clearly have a difference of opinion.

He then went on to attack accountants for their role in his previous tax scandals, claiming that they don’t do anything for you once the HMRC get involved.

Obviously Allardyce has his opinions, but at the end of the day it still surprises me that people in such high positions are willing to say these things in front of total strangers. This isn’t the first time someone in football or sports has been caught out in an undercover journalist video, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

In this day and age of hidden camera’s and smartphones that can easily record a conversation, it’s just surprising that someone like Allardyce would be willing to talk about the subjects he did.

No matter if you think he should have lost his job or not, there is no denying that if he never went to this meeting in the first place, or just kept the conversation away from the topics he ended up going into, then he would still be in charge of England.

From what I’ve been hearing Allardyce is now away in Spain spending time at his luxury villa, no doubt waiting for all of this to become old news so he get back into club management.

How soon will that be? It’s difficult to say really, although I think it will probably be sometime in 2017. Let’s just hope he can find a decent accountant when he does get a new job.

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