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Jeremy Corbyn Talks Self Employment

While speaking at the recent Labour Party Conference, Jeremy Corbyn touched on a number of subjects regarding self employment.

Obviously we’ve heard quite a bit recently from the Prime Minister and Chancellor regarding issues of self employment, so it’s always interesting to hear what the leader of the opposition has to say.

While many people doubt Mr Corbyn or Labour will come to power any time soon, they still have influence when it comes to making new laws within the government, and this is why every contractor out there should be at least a bit interested in the following points that were made.

Starting off his speech Mr Corbyn came straight out with the quote…”self-employed value independence.”

While I don’t agree with the Labour leader on many things, this is one thing I would back him up on, because at the end of the day the reason why many people get into the contracting lifestyle is because they want more freedom to choice how they work and spend their day. So it’s good that Jeremy Corbyn recognises this.

He then went on to talk about the subject of bogus self-employment where companies are basically pushing people to become self-employed even though they should technically be employed and have all the rights associated with that such as minimum wage and holiday pay.

For me, this is not a straight forward subject, mainly because there are many situations where someone is better off being classified as self-employed rather than an employee.

They can make more money and have more freedom, rather than being held back by a wage and rules set out by a boss.

Granted, this isn’t for everybody, I just think there are many times where self-employment is the right status, and there is no need to launch these legal challenges trying to change that status, because ultimately it might not be in the workers best interests.

Another topic that Mr Corbyn went on to speak about is the need for more education about pension schemes for the self-employed.

This I agree with 100%, as there are just too many people in the UK right now, especially freelancers, who don’t have any kind of pension they are putting money away for.

Is the government state pension going to be enough for you? Probably not, and this is why more should be done to make sure suitable pension schemes become more accessible and easier to understand for for everyone.

No matter what you think about the Labour Party, it’s worth noting that Mr Corbyn at least acknowledges some of the problems facing the self-employed and contractors today. For that he should be congratulated.

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