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Over 100 BBC Presenters in Tax Avoidance Scandal

Is it really surprising to learn that more than 100 BBC presenters are suspected of trying to con the tax man? Of course not.

With the BBC, which is all funded by the UK public don’t forget, it just seems like there is one scandal after another, and if the high wages are not enough, they are now trying to cheat their way out of paying tax. I bet they thought it would be easy to get away with…they were wrong.

If you didn’t know already, the vast majority of BBC presenters are employed which means they are paid a wage and are expected to pay the higher tax band if their salary goes above a certain amount per year.

When you consider that most of these presenters are paid 6 figures a year for not doing a lot, then they should be paying a lot of tax.

Well, this whole scandal seems to involve the fact that many presenters are trying to become self employed or contractors, and then forming their own company to pay the money into. It’s then a simple case of working things out so they end up paying less tax.

However, the HMRC have started to catch on to what is happening at the BBC, and recently 2 presenters have been found guilty of avoiding tax and ordered to pay extra tax and National Insurance.

This has led to over 100 more presenters being investigated, which could ultimately lead to millions of pounds of back payments ordered to be paid.

I just find it ironic that a company funded by the UK public, has employees that are basically trying to avoid paying money back into the system.

Surely this is a wake up call to everyone in the UK about the BBC and if they want to continue as a company then they should do it independently by generating their own money through advertising or other revenue just like any other TV channel out there.

The UK public should not have to fund these people anymore. It’s just scandal after scandal and we have all had enough.

Not to mention that very average TV presenters are being paid 6 figure, and even 7 figure salaries to sit in a chair and read from a script for an hour or two a week.

I’m sure if the BBC had to run itself like a normal company those salaries would quickly become 4 figures and 5 figures, with the vast majority of presenters finding themselves down the job centre. It might be a while until that happens though.

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