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Contractors Told – “Contact Your MP”

If you work as a contractor in the public sector, then now is the time to contact your MP about the new IR35 proposals.

I’ve spoken before about how these changes are going to make a huge difference to the public sector in general, mainly because if they do go through then we can expect many contractors to start looking at moving to other industries.

Basically, there are a few main things that are going to happen should the IR35 changes take effect.

The first is that contractors in the public sector won’t be able to decide if they require the IR35 status or not…this decision will move elsewhere.

After that, if they decide that IR35 is not relevant, then any contractor will have to pay tax like an employee, as well as things like National Insurance.

In other words, you end up being treated like an employee but don’t get any of the benefits, such as holiday pay and pension entitlements.

If you’ve been reading the news on this site recently, then you are no doubt aware what I think of this whole thing.

Does it make any sense? Not really. It’s almost as if the public sector are trying to get rid of all the skilled contractors in the industry, even though they rely on them so much.

What are they going to do when thousands decide to go elsewhere, because let’s face it, there is not many contractors who are going to stay if they don’t have that IR35.

In fact, a new survey that was released in the last few weeks gives up the answer we need. Of the thousands interviewed, over half said they would definitely leave the public sector under the new rules, with a lot more saying they were undecided.

Anyway, what should you do if you are a contractor in the public sector and you disagree with the new changes? It’s simple…contact your local MP and let them know what is going on. If enough people do that it is only a matter of time before the issue gets mentioned in Parliament, and once this happens there may just be a chance something will done.

At the end of the day, if you don’t try then nothing will get done and the IR35 changes are going to pass through without opposition.

Please note that even if you are a contractor that doesn’t work in the public sector then you may still want to contact your MP. Who knows what changes they will be making next, and it could be in your industry.

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