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Accountancy Software Company in Data Breach

The well known accountancy software Sage, was recently involved in a data breach that is believed to have exposed the details of UK businesses.

Around 300 businesses were involved in the breach, with some of those potentially being contractors and freelancers who were no doubt not too pleased their personal and bank account details would have been on show.

It’s a shame when these kind of things happen, especially when multi-million pound companies like Sage should be right at the forefront of customer security and privacy. However, these things do happen, even to the biggest companies, and I think it’s their response that tells you the most about the company.

With that in mind, it is good to see that Sage, who are a FTSE 100 Company, have made it a top priority to investigate the breach and then take the necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They should be applauded for this approach in my opinion. Instead of hiding away and trying to pass the buck, they are taking responsibility and showing their willingness to tackle these kind of issues right away.

“Our customers are always out first priority,” said Sage. “We are communicating directly with those who may be affected and giving guidance on measures they can take to protect their security.”

No doubt many contractors and freelancers who have accounts with this accounting software company will be watching this news story very closely over the next few weeks, and will be interested to see how it all ends.

They can take comfort knowing that The Information Commissioners Office is also involved with the investigation, so everybody can be assured all lines of inquiry will be followed through with until the matter is resolved and a satisfactory conclusion has been reached for all those who had their details on show.

Personally, I think this kind of thing will happen more in the future as we put all of our details online and have accounts for just about everything.

Sure, the security technology is getting better, which means online criminals have a harder time getting inside, but there will always be mishaps and breaches like the one we have just seen at Sage, and although they are doing everything in their power to put it right, it still doesn’t change the fact that a few hundred business owners in the UK had data on show that should not have been there.

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