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More Contractors Moving Towards “Gig Economy”

Thanks to digital sites and platforms, many contractors are choosing to do so called gigs rather than traditional freelance contract work.

Take someone like Ying Li Looi-Garman for example. She is a freelance video producer from Singapore, who finds multiple jobs every month on a gig site that makes up the majority of her schedule.

Millions of people around the world are doing the same, with many freelancers in the UK starting to get in on the act.

It doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest. Let’s face it, over the last 10 years a whole world of new opportunities has been opened up thanks to the internet, and it seems that in the last few years freelancers have been taking advantage of that.

It’s good for businesses of course. Instead of having to sign-up people with monthly, or even yearly contracts, they can simply visit a gig site, find someone who has the kind of skills they are looking for, and then pay once the job has been completed. It really couldn’t be simpler.

At the end of the day, it is all about flexibility don’t you think? Freelancers get the flexibility to set their own hours and choose the jobs that suit them without having to sign any kind of contracts, while at the same time business owners are experiencing the same kind of benefits.

If it works for both parties then I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this “gig economy” in the future.

It seems not everybody is convinced about this new way of doing things. For example, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation released a new report recently that highlighted how more more should be done to put gig workers in the same bracket as other self employed traders, in order to protect their rights and ensure a fair and safe economy.

The report then went on to talk in length about how gig workers may end up becoming “exploited workers, who are self-employed in name only” which could end up taking a lot of power away from the freelance community.

Of course, there is pros and cons to any kind of new way of doing things. Nothing will ever be perfect. Ultimately though, my opinion is that if these gigs offer freelancers more freedom and choice, then it’s something that will continue to get more popular with each passing year.

It’s not ideal for every kind of freelancer or industry however, and the old way of doing things will remain strong among thousands of businesses and contractors in the UK, of that we can be sure.

If you are a freelancer then the best way forward is to enjoy both worlds if you can, and see which one suits you best.

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