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Google Paris HQ raided over alleged tax avoidance

French authorities decided enough was enough and stormed Google’s Paris headquarters based on some rather pointed tax avoidance claims.

Around 100 investigators have been reportedly involved in efforts to suss out just what the search engine giant has been doing with the income it’s been raking in over the years, especially since their profits seem to be mysteriously unavailable when it comes to paying corporate tax. It’s almost as if the company has been deliberately hiding their enormous gains by funneling it offshore to tax havens or something.

Oh, I’m sorry, was I being a bit too sarcastic just now? Yes, everyone knows that big multinational companies like Google have been heavily criticised when it comes to not paying their fair share. Somehow, Google was shamed into paying around £130 million in back taxes here at home, despite the fact that the sum was just a very, very small fraction of what the company could have paid to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Of course the Government will never go after Google with much fervour, as Treasury ministers usually try to suck the nation’s self-employed dry instead. It’s simply less hassle to harass contractors and freelancers, as they don’t have armies of lawyers and accountants to hide their money for them in locations like the Seychelles.

Hopefully the French are less willing to just roll over and let Google to do whatever they want with the money they actually owe tax authorities over the world. Yes, yes, the search and advertising giant may argue that it’s not breaking any laws because of all the tax loopholes out there, but come now – do we have to legislate moral, ethical behaviour now along with everything else?

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course we’ll have to. Multinationals are soulless, completely amoral entities when it comes to the money they make. Sure, Google’s motto may be “don’t do evil,” but that certainly doesn’t extend to how they handle their financial obligations, now does it?

Certainly not when there’s profit to be made. Think about that the next time you do a Google search for “tax avoidance,” or anything else for that matter! Sneaky multinationals, rolling in their vast gains like Scrooge McDuck in his giant vault, endear themselves to nobody. At least Uncle Scrooge was generous with his nephews!

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