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Government offers new guidance to the self-employed

The Government in its infinite wisdom has decided to offer new guidance for the self-employed like freelancers and contractors to help set things straight.

Self-employment as a way to make a living has become so popular over the last few years that more Brits are working for themselves than ever before. However, even in the face of that there are plenty of individuals who are dying to make the jump to working for themselves – but sometimes it seems so complicated a task that it’s simply too daunting to pull the trigger; believe it or not the Government has come through in order to let people know that striking out as a sole trader or contractor doesn’t mean that they have to necessarily go it alone.

In fact, with some of the biggest problems self-employed Brits face in the realm of navigating things like self-assessment tax returns and National Insurance, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs has stepped into the breach to provide some comfort in the form of a shedload of free online courses the self-employed can take to provide the knowledge they need; it’s likely the next best thing to going out and becoming a chartered accountant in your own right, if you ask me.

The courses HMRC is offering focus on a number of topics and start with a slew of business emails designed to make it a snap for those thinking of jumping into entrepreneurship to build the infrastructure for their new endeavours. The free service, according to the taxman, should help professionals gain a better understanding in order to set up their own business properly.

If that wasn’t enough, HMRC says it will also host several one hour long webinars that will cover important topics. Attendees can ask questions during the presentations; participation requires showing up at your computer just five minutes in advance to log in, but for those who prefer just to watch and listen you need only go to YouTube to watch the video afterwards.

Finally, the tax authority is providing more materials to nascent self-employed Brits that clarifies what their tax requirements will be in the form of more expressive guidance. This last part is likely to be quite helpful for any number of contractors and freelance workers.

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