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Labour Party: trust us – we’ll slash business rates, honest

You can tell there’s a General Election on the horizon when even the Labour Party says it will slash business rates if we’ll just vote them in this coming May.

That’s right, Ed Miliband, current Labour sock puppet, gave a speech in the West Midlands headquarters for Jaguar Land Rover about how he has a grandiose plan to support all British businesses. The plan played some lip service to small business owners like sole traders, contractors and freelancers, but it’s hard to actively believe the Labour leader as he’s announcing these grandiose plans at the headquarters of a massive firm that sells incredibly expensive luxury vehicles.

Miliband says there are some very important things that the UK needs to do to jumpstart the economy, one of which is to remain in the European Union. He says that it’s crucial to encourage investment from overseas by fostering a more certain and stable political landscape in the UK. I can’t believe I’m agreeing him but he’s likely correct – if the UK left the EU it would absolutely throw the entire region into a shambles considering how much the EU contributes to the eurozone.

Speaking of the economy, Miliband said he wants Labour to get the public sector actively encouraging increases in production. Where Labour’s going to get the cash to do this is anyone’s guess considering all the austerity we’re going through right now – and how there’s so much tax avoidance going on originating from the same massively large firms that he says he wants to slash business rates for. Still, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed did welcome the announcement; to its credit the IPSE did say that Labour could take a few more steps if it really wanted to get the vote of the freelancing and contracting sector in their pocket.

So are these just campaign promises designed to do their best to gather up as many votes as possible? Most likely. Does this mean that a few of these promises might end up trickling down to the rest of us after the General Election is over? Well you can’t rule it out, I suppose. Honestly I can’t trust any of these parties at their word, except maybe UKIP – the one party I wouldn’t vote for if you put a gun up to my head!

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