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Labour or Tory – who’s tougher on tax avoidance?

In case no one has mentioned it to you in the past five minutes, we’ve a General Election coming up and everything including tax avoidance is being politicised.

Don’t believe me? Look at the latest analysis from the Financial Times, which pits the last Labour government up agains the current Conservative-led Coalition government when it comes to handling tax reforms that take the pressure off of self-employed Brits like sole traders and contractors and instead turn up the heat on more affluent members of society using tax shelters to dodge their tax responsibilities. According to FT, current Chancellor George Osborne has been letting the side down when it comes to how much income he’s actually raised from reforms targeting tax avoidance.

In fact, the figures say that Gordon Brown – both in his role as Labour chancellor and then later as prime minister – ended up being a much more effective leader when it came to tackling large firms that found ways around paying corporation tax. Apparently the 13 year reign of Labour resulted in measures that will raise ten times more than those created by the Tories over the next four years; meanwhile in defence of the the current Covernment, which has only been in power for a scant half decade, has ostensibly attempted to do more to get cash owed from individual taxpayers.

So here I go: if you ask me, what does it truly matter in the long run? Tory or Labour, it doesn’t truly mean much of a difference to me – the end result seems to be someone or another getting away with bloody murder when it comes to paying their fair share. It’s always someone else getting buggered over tax rates, and I can almost guarantee that when it comes to ‘someone else,’ it’s almost always the wrong person getting the short end of the stick when it comes to filling up the Treasury’s coffers.

But there’s a major election this year, and with financial matters and the economy taking centre stage like they have over the past few years, it’s likely to be a major campaigning point for everyone involved. I’m sure even UKIP will throw its tuppence in, as it always seems to have something to say even if it’s vulgar and offensively xenophobic.

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