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Christmas – the season for self assessment tax returns?

Of all the things you’d never expect, it seems that Christmas certainly is the season for giving… your self assessment tax return to HM Revenue & Customs.

Believe it or not, but HMRC says that Christmas Day saw an impressive 1,773 tax returns sent in. Even more impressive is that this is higher than 2013’s Christmas Day figures, where the taxman received 1,566 self assessment tax returns.

Apparently, the lion’s share of the activity on Christmas Day was between noon and 1:00 pm. Apparently around 148 Brits sent in their tax returns electronically, perhaps ducking out from familial obligations to get some so-called “fresh air.” Normally I’d be sneaking a fag in the back garden at a time like that, but some people just really enjoy taking care of their tax obligations! I suppose I shouldn’t be taking the piss out of them. It’s incredibly important to get your self assessment in early enough so that if there’s any issues with it HMRC can let you know well before they start fining you within an inch of your life.

Of course, Christmas Day has nothing in comparison to both the day before and the day after. HMRC said that it received more than 17,000 tax returns on December 24, an increase of about four per cent, and on Boxing Day there were more than 4,800 self assessments submitted – a jump of around seven per cent. All in all, there were more than 24,200 online returns submitted to the tax authority this holiday season, which beat the pants off 2013’s haul by more than a thousand returns.

So well done you if you got your self-assessment in on Christmas, or even earlier. You probably know better than anyone that 31 January is creeping ever closer, especially now that the New Year has come, so you’d better not delay if you’re dragging your feet. Yes, I know, you all lead very busy lives and end up leaving things to the last minute – honestly I don’t want to hear it. Sort your life out and get your damned self assessment in before the deadline… unless you actually enjoy paying ridiculous fines. If that’s the case, please go ahead. Whatever tickles your fancy, mate.


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