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PwC whistleblower reveals his identity to the public

28 year old Antoine Deltour, former auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers, says that he was the whistleblower behind the revelation of PwC’s tax avoidance scheme.

Deltour gave an interview with a French newspaper recently, remarkign that he felt he had no choice but to blow the lid off the massive tax avoidance scandal that has everyone clamouring for PwC heads to roll. He said that he’s since been charged with violating trade secrets and theft for his actions, truly proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Deltour says he worked for PwC from 2008 until 2012. His position as auditor was close to a regulatory one, as it was his job to verify company accounts. However, the man says that he was feeling increasingly ill at ease working for the tax advisers; over time he discovered how the system was, in his own words, nothing but “a massive tax optimisation practice.” Quickly realising that he wanted none of that in his life, Deltour beat a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, the poor bloke was dragged in front of a judge in Luxembourg last week in order to answer allegations about tax rulings that had been leaked, a case stemming from a 2012 complaint made by PwC. Now, I’m not going to go ahead and say that if Deltour was involved in the massive leak that turned PwC on its head – and revealed how much damage the firm has been doing by encouraging its clients to engage in large-scale tax avoidance – that he can’t be held responsible under the letter of the law – I think that as a whistleblower this bloke should be celebrated and even honoured for his commitment to justice.

Deltour said in the interview that he acted on his own convictions that what PwC was doing was wrong. This man chose to do what he felt was right, even when it was running directly against the law of the land – a law that actively protects activities such as tax avoidance. Now, he’s paying the price for his bravery and his honesty. What kind of a terrible world do we live in where we penalise people like Deltour yet protect and condone the actions of firms like PwC?  Is this what justice looks like now in the current day and age?

If it does, it’s bloody abhorrent.

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