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Contractors clean up in the digital and marketing sector

With firms shooting themselves in the foot over pay packages for permanent employees, contractors have been cleaning up in the digital and marketing sector.

Pay rates and renumeration packages are so important when it comes to attracting quality talent. I mean it’s one thing if you just want any bloke off the street to fill a role, but when you’ve got specific needs for particular skill sets – like the digital and marketing sector – you need to make sure you’re offering enough pay to attract the best of the best, don’t you think?

Well, apparently the sector is about as good at measuring how much money people need to survive as the court of Louis XVI was. Did you know that there’s a 20 per cent vacancy increase in the sector, yet placements have fallen by six per cent? It’s true – at least that’s what APSCo says anyway.

Now I know what you’re thinking – it must be the skills shortage, right? Well maybe to some degree, but the truth is that salaries have gone down by three per cent in the digital and marketing sector.

So here’s the dilemma: who gets to tell the sector as a whole that it’s shooting itself in the foot? I mean come on; of course you’re not getting any bites when it comes to vacancies, luv – you’re not offering enough cash for the job! Is it any wonder that the industry has increased its take up of freelancers and contractors by 15 per cent year on year? Of course not; someone’s got to keep these firms afloat as they flail about in icy waters. The problem is that they don’t realise they’re in just up to their ankles right now.

What a collection of pillocks. If you ask me, it’s no wonder they’re having trouble sourcing good permanent candidates considering how they think they’ll attract more flies with vinegar than they will with honey. I’m not surprised in the least – merely disappointed – but at least it means that there’s more positions to go around for the nation’s contract workers, eh?

I swear sometimes I wonder if someone’s mums spent a few too many nights down at the local pub whilst waiting for the buns in their ovens to be done baking. I mean there’s thick, and then there’s really thick, innit?

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