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3,000 versus 9 million – the UK tax burden revealed

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs recently revealed new tax burden statistics that pit 3,000 top UP earners against 9 million low-income earning Brits.

In news that will undoubtedly be followed by the groundbreaking stories that the Earth is round, fire is hot and water is wet, HMRC says that the top-earners in the UK pay lots of money to the Treasury. Well, to be specific the top, 3000 earners in the UK will fork over 4.2 per cent of tax revenues from their salaries. That’s quite a bit – over 4 per cent spread across some 3,000 rich old geezers – but the taxman didn’t stop there.

HMRC also showed that when it comes to the nine million lowest income earners in the UK, they generate almost the same amount of tax revenue – around 4 per cent or so. So what’s this mean to blokes like you and I who try our hardest to make enough cash as a self-employed contractor or freelancer to keep food on the table for our families? Well, it’s fairly obvious to me that the Treasury is getting a much bigger bang for their buck by targeting the nation’s rich instead of trolling through countless millions of poorly-paid Britons.

So what am I saying? Well look at the figures – the Government can gather around 4 per cent of total tax revenue by either taxing the trousers off the nation’s richest bastards – who can certainly afford it – or they can squeeze the very lifeblood out of nine million Brits who barely have two pennies to rub together for roughly the same amount. Doesn’t it just seem more cost-effective to go after wealthier Brits more than rely on these poorly-paid pillocks who work their fingers to the bone every day for a few lousy quid? Shouldn’t we be compassionate towards those less fortunate than us and give them a bit of a break? Why are we sucking them dry at the same rate that the nation’s wealthiest are? It seems bloody insane to me, it does.

I know you’ll probably call me a communist or any other collection of naughty names but let’s be honest here: does anyone have even a bit of sympathy for the top 3,000 highest income earners in the UK right now? These captains of industry who make more money in an hour than many of us will make in a month or a year certainly don’t seem to be suffering in the least, so they won’t mind giving generously for their highly privileged status, right?

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