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Gary Barlow begs forgiveness for tax avoidance debacle

Take That frontman Gary Barlow has gone on record about the whole investing £26 million in a tax planning scheme that has been suspected of being tax avoidance.

Barlow said in a recent statement that he’s absolutely broken up about offending anyone if the news the Icebreak scheme he and his bandmates were involved in the scheme. He also went on to say that’s he’s sacked his old accountants and will be employing a whole new team to straighten this whole mess out – and even offered to shell out more cash to the Government to square things up.

I actually have to hand it to Barlow for being so forthright and open in his addressing this whole scandal. I mean I’m not about to come forward and say that he and his bandmates went into this blind and had no idea this scheme wasn’t actually tax avoidance, but I am most definitely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If his accountants did indeed tell him that this whole Icebreak scheme was a legitimate business opportunity – and he had no real reason to disbelieve them – it’s hard for me to really fault him.

Then again, Barlow’s not exactly fresh off the boat. This bloke was awarded the OBE after all, and it would be nice to assume that people of that calibre will be on the up and up, but just because you’re an OBE doesn’t mean that you’re a world-class economist or business magnate. I suppose I should be more forgiving and Christian and turn the other cheek, but then again how much goodwill is Barlow getting because he’s a world-famous musician? Would John and Mary Fishwife from Leeds get the same forgiveness if they were caught out using a tax avoidance scheme?

I suppose Barlow is trading on his “good name” and his celebrity quite a bit here. Then again a normal run-of-the-mill non-celebrity that invested in Icebreak wouldn’t exactly face global scrutiny, now would they? I mean there were more than 1,000 Icebreak investors but how come Barlow and the other Take That members get all the press? It’s because they’re famous, obviously. Whatever; I can’t be arsed to care any more. Let him pay off his debts and let’s move on with all our lives, shall we?

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