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Contractors: don’t be afraid to fight for your rights

If you’re not standing up for yourself if you’ve come under scrutiny from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, you could be missing out on some vindication.

In fact, it turns out that your chances of winning your case against HMRC is actually quite high according to the Adjudicator’s office. In fact, If you make a complaint against the taxman, you have something like a 90 per cent chance of prevailing. That’s some very good news for anyone who feels they might have been unjustly or incorrectly targeted by the tax authority for tax avoidance. Not only that, but you could be in for a bit of compensation as well: more than £100,000 has been paid out by HMRC to taxypayers who were found to have been distressed by initial complaint rejection.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Even if you haven’t been accused of falling under IR35 or some other tax evasion scheme, you should be glad to know that the Adjudicator’s Office has taken issue with the taxman’s complaints handling and has in fact levied a fine of £143,000, citing poor communication with taxpayers and a lack of demonstration of urgency when HMRC staff deal with customer concerns. In other words, it looks like the taxman has been officially found to have been exhibiting exceptionally poor customer service as of late and it’s being called on the carpet for it. This of course thrills me to no end.

But do you know what’s even better? HMRC fully admitted that they’ve been letting the side down. In fact, second permanent secretary and tax assurance commissioner Edward Troup even went on record that HMRC’s been putting a lot of pressure on the Adjudicator’s Office to sort out thee whole mess. Mr Troup even expressed thanks for all the hard work the Adjudicator’s Office has been doing. If nothing else this is absolutely vindicating in that I’ve been saying there have been customer service issues with the tax authority for way too long. Now, with independent verification of my suspicions, I’m not just the lone madman with his knickers on backwards shouting on the street corner any more am I? Listen, all I ever wanted was for the taxman to shape up its act. It looks like I’ll be getting what I’ve been wishing for finally!

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