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PwC’s Citizen’s Jury comes out in support of tax integration

A Citizen’s Jury formed by PwC has come out in support of a Conservative suggestion to integrate National Insurance payments with income tax.

The Tories, which say that if a future government with them at the helm came about sometime in the future, have said that simplifying the tax system in such a way would be one of the major tax reforms it would be looking to implement. The idea behind doing so would be to make it easier for freelancers, contractors and other self-employed individuals to comply with their tax responsibilities.

The Citizen’s Jury more or less came out to endorse the idea, as the current way NI and income tax is split is viewed as a misleading one. Of course it’s interesting to note that the lion’s share of those interviewed would rather see personal allowances increased instead of altering the basic tax rate. Changes for the higher tax rate – of course reserved for those who make shedloads of cash – were left untouched largely. No surprise there, especially since most people just don’t like rich people who try to get away with murder.

So it’s interesting to me that PwC found some folks that came out in support of this idea. On the one hand it’s important that the tax system in the UK remains fit for purpose, and with the massive numbers of freelancers and contract workers needing better support from the Government when it comes to their tax burdens – and the amount of complete and total confusion surrounding the way contract workers and the current tax system interact with one another. For lack of  better term, it’s a complete and utter shambles and needs a serious overhaul.

Will the Tories save the world with this new scheme? Somehow I have my doubts. They are the Tories after all, and they’re less qualified to find their way out of a corner shop with their eyes closed than they are to run a government sometimes. That being said at this point I’m willing to try more or less anything if it works! Is this how aging women desperate to find a rich and successful husband feel?

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