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Vodafone tax avoidance row hots up with demonstrations

Anti tax-avoidance protesters have begun to hold demonstrations outside UK Vodafone shops to protest the telecoms giant’s decision to not pay corporation tax.

Vodafone has been in the thick of it since last week when it brazenly declared that it can’t be arsed to pay its corporate tax amidst claims that its UK-based profits were so minuscule so to as be completely irrelevant. Of course it was a bit of a cheeky move for Vodafone to make that decision instead of British tax authorities to do so – you know, the blokes who actually are in charge of decisions like that – and as a result Vodafone has begun to attract the attention of protest groups.

A total of some 10 Vodafone shops were targeted by a group known as UK Uncut, an organisation that’s had it with large multinationals getting around their tax responsibilities by legal loopholes and outright tax evasion tactics. Two of the Vodafone stores actually were closed briefly by the protests, but UK Uncut protesters reported that the demonstrations were positive and good natured for the most part – or at least as good natured as tax avoidance protests can possibly be.

Vodafone of course has a different take on the matter, calling the protests unnecessary and wrong-headed. Representatives from the firm lamented how UK Uncut wasn’t interested in hearing its side of the story, but I don’t really think protesters wouldn’t be interested in the least in whatever Vodafone has to say. I mean to be honest I’m not all that interested either, considering how Vodafone literally made billions last year. Did you know that they sold off their stake in US telecoms giant Verizon for shedloads of cash? But apparently the company isn’t turning a profit.

Honestly I have to call bollocks on that, for what it’s worth. Do you really think that your public relations spin department is going to convince anyone about how you’re not rolling around in mountains of dosh, Vodafone? You can’t possibly be serious, can you? If you ask me you should just bite the bullet and shell out some of those profits to keep the tax avoidance people off your back. They can make your life rather miserable, especially if you let the protests to grow in reach and popularity.

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