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Take What? Gary Barlow implicated in tax avoidance row

Looks like the X Factor judge and Take That frontman Gary Barlow has landed in some hot water recently after he was named in a massive tax avoidance scam.

The allegations of the scam – which saw some £66 million laundered to prevent Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs from getting its hands on it – first surfaced back in 2012, but it was only recently that a judge ruled against Barlow and the rest of his Take That partners in crime as being oh-so involved in the scheme.

I knew there was just something I didn’t like about this Barlow bloke. He’s got that big pudgy face that just looks like it needs a tomato thrown at it. Yes I know that he’s bloody famously popular and all of that but it’s obvious now that he and his band mates have the moral fortitude of a pack of dead dogs. I mean how long has it been since he was awarded the OBE? Did he not even feel a flinch of shame knowing he bilked the British taxpayer out of £66 million in revenue?

Barlow is obviously a very selfish man. He has all this fame, notoriety and fortune and for all his lip service to charity work he can’t be arsed to pay his taxes like the rest of us regular blokes. When I think of all the unsung heroes of this economy – the freelancers and contractors that work tirelessly to make ends meet only to end up on HMRC’s radar for things like IR35 even though they’re not doing anything wrong – it makes me even more cross to think of this popinjay with his multiple millions trying to pull the wool over the taxman’s eyes like he’s better than the rest of us?

Let’s be honest – he’s not better just because he’s famous, or that he’s a popular singer/songwriter. He puts his trousers on one leg at a time in the morning just like the rest of us – unless he’s hired someone to put his trousers on for him – and he needs to be held accountable for his actions just like every other Brit has to be as well. I can only hope that this little bit of news ends up having a serious impact on his popularity but I know it probably won’t. Most people just don’t care. I think that makes me even more cross than anything else.

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