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Harry Styles: the saviour of the contract worker?

Right, so it’s finally happened: tax avoidance has gotten so bad here in the UK that now boy bands are weighing in on the problem.

This is not a joke – I’m not pulling your leg or trying to take the piss out of you. No, it’s actually happening: Harry Styles and his cadre of polished, carefully coiffured singing man-children One Direction have weighed in on the fact that Chancellor George Osborne is letting the side down when it comes to corporate tax avoidance. The just-bad-enough bad boys of pop music (you know, bad enough to like but not so bad as to upset your mum), have launched a campaign to give out free concert tickets to any fans that jump through some social justice hoops – and one of the biggest of them is to send a message to Osborne to urge him to stop mucking about.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, One Direction has bloody millions of fans that will likely be frothing at the mouth to get a free ticket to one of their concerts. The Chancellor is most likely going to be up to his bespoke tailored waistcoat in missives as a result.

The funny thing is of course that this could turn things around for contractors in a major way. The Government is certainly paying close attention to the self-employed instead of going after large multinational corporations when it comes to tax avoidance, and if the Chancellor actually gets the message it could mean the heat will be taken off freelance workers and placed on larger companies instead. In other words, the UK’s entire contracting community will owe a massive debt of gratitude to One Direction.

I know this sounds like a bloody joke but it’s real, it’s happening, and it could actually make a serious difference. It’s absolutely ludicrous, but I’m not going to look a gift horse-faced pop singer in the mouth and neither should you – especially if you’ve been on the receiving end of the Government’s tender ministrations as of late. Honestly I’d love to buy those tousle-headed lads a few lagers down at the local but I’m not entirely sure that they’re old enough to drink yet.

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