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Jimmy Carr foots the bill for his tax avoidance

The man whose tax avoidance scandal sparked the Government’s interest in dodgy tax planning schemes has agreed to cough up the cash he owes to the taxman.

Jimmy Carr is poised to pay off his £500,000 tax bill on the £168 million the scheme ring-fenced from the tender ministrations of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. The comedian wasn’t technically doing anything illegal when the news of him using the K2 scheme broke, but the row the revelation led to absolutely shook the pillars of heaven, with many pundits and industry experts calling the use of the scheme completely ‘morally repugnant.’

Well Jimmy Carr as definitely learnt his lesson, as this year he’s paying a full 23 per cent corporation tax instead of the paltry 1 per cent he tried to get away with last time. I’m sure he’s quite broken up at having to give up so much money. I mean, that means he only made a bit more than £2 million in profit. What could he possibly do, now that he’ll only be left with some £1.5 million! He might have to end up going on benefits as this rate.

Yes, it’s just a tragedy. Forget that the discovery of the tax avoidance scheme caused the Government to release the hounds on the nation’s contractors, despite the fact that many of them don’t make nearly as much as Mr Carr does – and that they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t be doing, either on a legal or a moral level. This hasn’t stopped the Government from ramping up their IR35 enforcement of course, especially amongst the self-employed. As if people who run their own business don’t have enough to worry about without having HMRC banging down their doors! It’s hard enough to keep your business above water in the current environment when there are massively wealthy people who aren’t satisfied with £1.5 million in earnings after taxes.

If it sounds like I’m having a go at Jimmy Carr, I don’t mean to. No, I don’t mean I didn’t want to have a go at him – I wanted it to be a bit more subtle! I suppose I just couldn’t contain my ire at this blockhead’s greed and stupidity. Well at least he’s still got that one and a half million pounds to play with. How ever will he cope?

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