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HMRC takes tax avoidance completely seriously – really

The madmen are absolutely running the asylum when it comes to stamping out tax avoidance, based on a new revelation that will get your blood boiling!

It turns out that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has a grand total of four tax inspectors working night and day to track down more than 120 tax fugitives. Yes, you read that correctly – each of these tax inspectors is responsible for finding more than 40 tax fugitives each! And you wonder why there was so much more uncollected tax this past year than the one before.

This just absolutely incenses me, especially since so much hot air has been blown about by the Government regarding the importance in making sure everyone pays their fair share when it comes to the taxes they owe. I’m positively astounded that this incredibly important bit of business is being undertaken by such a criminally understaffed group of only four HMRC officers, and it’s particularly infuriating to me considering how much time and energy – and staff – is being put behind things like conducting IR35 investigations into completely blameless contractors that shouldn’t even be considered under the disguised employment rule.

Honestly, now – are we really so backwards that we’re spending all this time and money in barking up the wrong tree when we could be allocating resources towards much more rewarding avenues? I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised when it comes to completely backwards and asinine decisions on the part of the Government, though – these are the same short-sided politicians who refuse to press large multinationals on their tax avoidance schemes, even though HMRC is missing out on millions if not billions in tax revenue every year because a large-scale company like Starbucks or Amazon can’t be arsed to pay their own way and instead rely upon conducting business through a funnel to a tax haven like the Cayman Islands.

The audacity of these politicians absolutely astounds me. Do they really think they’re going to get away with such a feeble and completely hare-brained scheme? Is there no accountability any more, let alone some bloody common sense? I suppose not. Shame, that. I don’t really see any way out of this conundrum either – not without completely reforming the bureaucratic methods the Government uses to make sure organisations such as HMRC are staffed correctly and logically!

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