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Government announces more hare-brained tax avoidance schemes

In a perfect example of continuing to make an already abysmally bad situation worse, the Government announced plans to add to its tax avoidance schemes.

It looks like nobody ever told the Government to quit when they’re behind, as George Osborne proudly proclaimed that the Treasury should be able to rake in an additional £9 billion over the next half of a decade as these new programmes designed for rooting out tax avoidance and tax evasion of all kinds are implemented. These hare-brained schemes include much stricter and wider ranging IR35 enforcement just in case there are some honest contractors out there that haven’t been right rodgered over by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs just yet.

But wait, there’s more, as the old snake oil salesman is fond of saying. The Government will also be sending a strong message to anyone bloody stupid enough to use a tax avoidance scheme that’s already been shot down in the courts by requiring them to pay whatever tax they were trying so hard to avoid. Apparently it’s more of a stupidity tax than anything else – as if anyone with more than two brain cells in their heads would use an avoidance scheme that’s been exposed already!

I swear it’s like watching old episodes of Benny Hill the way the Government has been milling about on this whole taxation issue. The entire community of British accountants are simultaneously rolling their eyes at this new plan to fill the Treasury’s coffers; for what it’s worth, this whole thing smacks of desperation and makes it look like ministers are doing nothing but grasp at straws in an effort to shrink the public deficit. Hey here’s an idea lads – maybe you should stop letting massive multinationals decide who gets to pay taxes and who doesn’t? I mean is it necessary to let companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and even Google to funnel the majority of the profits their UK-based operations make overseas to some bloody tax haven where we’ll never see a red cent of that cash?

Yes I can hear the counterpoint now where ministers stammer and say how these multinationals bring much-needed jobs to the UK and that threatening them with having to pay their fair share is going to drive them away from British soil. Well whose fault would that be? Perhaps these same ministers who welcomed these businesses to our shores in the first place, hmm?

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