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HMRC vows to keep trying to alienate as many as possible

The taxman is redoubling its efforts to take the piss out of as many taxpayers as it possibly can, according to new statements from the Treasury Exchequer.

David Gauke said in a recent interview that the Government is busy balancing its desires to increase tax revenues whilst keeping the popularity of the UK high amongst large businesses. Of course, once you translate his statements into actual information that the normal bloke can process and understand, it means more of the same from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Gauke’s comments are more or less completely hollow if you ask me, and here’s why: if you want to increase tax revenues yet keep the UK as a place where large firms want to do business, you need to persecute smaller businesses whilst letting large multinationals go about their business without batting an eye – and that’s exactly what’s going on now!

For what it’s worth, HMRC is going after small business owners and self-employed contractors in a major way, especially when it comes to rooting out tax avoidance. Yet at the same time when is the last time you heard of the tax authority going after a multinational like Amazon or Google for paying only a fraction of the taxes they owe? It’s bloody madness, and it’s akin to sacrificing the small business owner on the altar of big business.

Nothing makes my blood boil more than this bald-faced admission of the Treasury’s inability to treat individual Brits or small firms with the same deference and leniency that they do with large-scale corporations. It’s immoral and unethical, but what can we do? It’s not like we can stop paying our taxes in protest – unlike massive firms like Starbucks or Amazon, we don’t have a cadre of expensive accountants and lawyers that can shuffle papers and write sternly-worded letters to get the taxman off our back.

Smaller firms have been used as a pinata for HMRC for far too long if you ask me, and I for one am tired of this sort of behaviour. Just once I’d like to see a multinational strung up by its toes and beaten like until money comes rushing out while the small business owner has a nice long laugh over the whole thing. Alas it will most likely never happen.

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