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Not-for-profit firm offers IR35 help to confused contractors

If you’re completely baffled by the current IR35 rules, don’t give up hope – a new not-for-profit might be able to make sense out of the whole mess for once.

This whole disguised employment nonsense has been driving contract workers and freelancers absolutely mad for much too long, especially considering the guidance keeps changing yet the laws seem to stay the same. Well if you’re tired of pulling your hair out trying to figure out if you’re going to be investigated by HMRC, a new industry initiative called IR35Buddy might be just want the doctor ordered for your sleepless nights.

The new scheme, which was developed with the input of some heavy hitters when it comes to the accountancy sector, has apparently been designed from the ground up to provide free access to several tools that are designed to help a confused contractor make sure they’re definitely in compliance with one of the most esoteric and backwards tax assessment rules currently causing so much heartache and anger. Honestly I can’t think of a better place to go to discover, definitively, whether or not the taxman is going to come knocking on your door, so I’m absolutely all for this new system; even better that the lion’s share of the evaluation tools are completely free!

IR35 has been and continues to be a major problem for contractors and freelancers in the UK, especially since the Government has become so damned keen on wringing every last penny they can from every last Brit – well, unless you’re a multinational corporation, that is. For what it’s worth, HMRC more or less equates disguised employment as a form of tax avoidance, and you and I both know how that’s been the favourite bogeyman of ministers and MPs alike ever since these damned austerity measures went into effect.

Of course the Government would still rather go after the self-employed instead of the real problem – multinationals using legal loopholes and offshore tax shelters to avoid paying shedloads in taxes – but regulating big business is problematic when massive multinationals have the Government securely tucked away in their back pocket. So instead we’ve got to bear the brunt of the burden, despite the fact that freelancers and contractors contribute loads to the economic recovery efforts.

Oh well. Someday the Treasury will learn not to bite the hand that feeds it. Or at least we can hope it will eventually!

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