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Accountants, contractors love their jobs

A new survey says that both contractors and accountants are in the top ten most favoured professions right now in the current economy.

It’s not uncommon to be absolutely horrified and depressed about your profession, especially right now with the economy still recovering. Sometimes you need to work in a position because you have to, not because you want to, but luckily there are plenty of positions that people tend to be much happier than they are whilst in other roles.

In fact, when it comes to those between the ages of 18 and 25, financial service professionals such as accountants and freelance workers such as umbrella contractors are some of the people most happy with their job. Imagine what it must be like for someone who’s a contractor accountant – they must simply be deliriously happy all the time.

For what it’s worth, I’m not surprised in the least to hear about how contractors and accountants are happy with their jobs, considering that contract workers often leverage the flexible nature of their employment to work from home – or at least wherever they want, provided they have the right tools – and that anyone joining the accountancy profession most likely has a true passion for maths and for wandering the vast deserts of tax law in an effort to save their clients a few extra pounds. Hopefully all these accountants, regardless of whether they work as a permanent employee or as a freelancer, are doing the right thing and not engaging in any less-than-savoury practices that can lead to tax avoidance.

I mean let’s be honest here: how easy is it to simply employ some creative accounting tricks – the kind that can see a client reducing their tax burden to nearly nothing thanks to such practices as funneling your company profits overseas? A bit too easy if you ask me, especially if you see the number of companies that are getting away with murder when it comes to paying HMRC their fair share.

Of course the taxman isn’t going after the large multinationals but smaller businesses, which is patently ridiculous. I wonder how happy you are on average if you work for the Treasury?

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