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Finance sector grows confident, leads to more opportunities

The finance and accountancy sector has grown so strong that industry experts say the opportunities for contractors and freelancers for work are off the charts.

Optimism has begun to run higher than ever when it comes to the finance industry, according to recruitment specialists. The first half of 2013 has seen not just permanent vacancies increase by 26 per cent, but contractor opportunities have gone up by a remarkable 46 per cent.

Not only have things over the last six months been positive, but growth has been increasing almost exponentially. Looking back at the growth to just permanent vacancies from June to July, there was an 8.5 per cent rise, and this could indicate that employers have become confident enough to not rely upon interim workers exclusively, like they tend to do in times of economic uncertainty.

But just because employers are hiring on accountants and financial planners on a permanent basis doesn’t mean that all you contractor accountants out there aren’t going to be in high demand any more. As a matter of fact there always seems to be shedloads of demand for interim workers, thanks to one simple fact: they’re much more cost-effective than permanent employees.

Even if confidence is coming up once more, there’s still plenty of uncertainty out there when it comes to whether the economy is truly going to turn itself around. Sure, the prospect of another bank failure might seem rather far-off, but there’s loads of uncertainty in the eurozone right now and there’s really no telling when countries like Greece will get their finances sorted, so there’s more than just a few reasons to maximise incomes whilst minimising outgoings.

Freelancers and contractors can provide fantastic savings to employers when it comes to payroll costs. Finance and accountancy firms – or any firms worth their salt, at any rate – would be incredibly tuned in to these savings opportunities, and that means good news for any contractor accountant or freelance financial adviser that’s looking to increase their client base.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about the economy recovering and ironically making it harder for freelance workers to hold down a job. The best firms out there know the value of interim workers and will want to keep us all employed for years to come, despite the state of the economy here in the UK or how things are abroad.

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