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Phoning the taxman continues to frustrate contractors

Contractors and freelancers typically get even more frustrated and upset when they ring up the taxman to resolve an issue, new research reveals.

It’s never easy to deal with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, even when it’s just a routine matter. Contractors know this much better than most, as having to take care of your own taxes often sees you needing outside help – but if you decide to ring up HMRC to seek information or to sort out a problem, you’re likely to lose your bloody mind before you finish the call.

A new research study – aptly called the UK Phone Rage Index, revealed that when it comes to spending time on the phone, the most maddening organisation to ring up was HMRC by a wide margin. If you’ve done it yourself any time recently, you can probably guess what the main complaint was when it came to the taxman’s telephone system: the seemingly unending series of menus.

HMRC actually beat out some very heavy hitters when it comes to time-wasters. Halifax, Lloyds TSB, and Ford Motor Company all fell before its prodigious, infuriating might, which is a serious accomplishment; I don’t know about you, but every time I ring up my bank I want to go hang myself shortly afterwards, so I can only imagine the depths of depravity placing a call to the tax authority would drive me.

Of course, now that HMRC has been awarded the dubious honour, all of a sudden it says it’s looking for better ways to organise their call system. Perhaps if the taxman actually hired on some more staff for its call centres we wouldn’t have to wade through all those damned menus, did anyone ever think of that perhaps? Oh, that’s right – the public sector is trimming back its expenditures in an effort to save some cash. So much for that!

I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to muddle through all these menus and options. Honestly I’d rather just be placed on hold whilst I wait for an actual living, breathing human being on the other end of the line so I can ask my question and then just get on with my life. Is that so bloody hard to understand, HMRC? I swear I can’t be the only person that feels this way, can I?

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