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Improving Your Online Presence

It’s something near enough everyone knows now, having an online presence is incredibly important in finding and securing new work. Whether it’s hunting it down yourself or bringing people to you, the internet has increased access to employers. This is why it’s integral that you present and promote yourself online properly and effectively.

Social Media

People have been going on about the importance of having a social media account. If you’ve got one then great, but are you using it properly? A dormant account is no good and is probably worse than not having one. If someone stumbles across your Twitter to see there hasn’t been any activity for a year they will assume that you’re in active yourself. You need to keep these things running.

It also isn’t really enough to just keep these things ticking over. Social media is a superb way to search out jobs and to make contacts. It isn’t hard to delve in and find plenty of people related to your field of work. Add them, engage with them and discuss with them. Not only will you learn but you’ll also start to discover new opportunities as time goes on. You never know when someone might post on Twitter urgently needing a worker.

Your Personal Website

You may be a humble sort of person who doesn’t think they need a website dedicated to themselves. It can induce a certain sense of cringiness when writing up an ‘About Me’ page, but in the end, it’s worth it. A website is a great way to portray all your skills and all the reasons why you should be hired over the next guy. It can take a bit of work to get right, but putting the effort in is important.

Be sure to be confident and to showcase all your best work so that when someone is directed to or stumbles upon your site they’ll know what you’re about straight away. Also be sure to have a blog that you regularly update as well. This is good for SEO purposes. If you don’t know what SEO is, then look it up straight away.

Guest Posts

This can be a little time-consuming, and you might at first think it a little worthless. It takes awhile to build up the contacts and it can be difficult getting on those bigger sites, but it isn’t impossible. Writing interesting and high-quality content for other sites not only helps bring traffic to your own site (and improve your SEO), but it also makes you look knowledgeable and reliable. It gives you a pool of content to share while you’re networking on Twitter or to show to potential clients. It shows another website has put their trust in your to say something worthwhile. Guest posts are an excellent way to make yourself look good.

Joshua Danton Boyd is an in-house copywriter for Crunch Accounting.

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