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Six tips for snaring a job via social media

With users in the hundreds of millions, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn carry an abundance of opportunities for the contractor. Swathes of businesses are taking to the platforms and as such, offering up job opportunities to their followers, likers and connections.

Carry a little social media savvy and it’s possible to sniff out these opportunities before someone else gets there, so to put you ahead of the rest, here’s six tips for the contractor seeking a job via social media…

First things first, split up your social media lives

Not so relevant on the perpetually professional Linkedin but more so on Twitter and Facebook, try to keep your personal and work life separate.

A case in point, I run two Twitter accounts – a work one and a personal one. I don’t want employers to see my profanity filled rants against my fellow football fans, hence why I keep the two separate.

Create a professional persona

In the same vein, treat these social media accountants like a living and breathing CV.

Use a professional picture, list your industry in your Twitter and Facebook bio and on LinkedIn, don’t shy away from listing your achievements. Seek endorsements and recommendations to reflect your nous.

Follow, like and connect wisely

Now you’ve got your professional persona up and running, set about seeking the opportunities.

Follow and like potential targets and hunt for the recruiters at the companies you’ve heard good things about. Connect to them and perhaps send a message (nothing creepy), so that you’re in their mind. This’ll involve a bit of a social media trawl but if done well it should pay off.

Know your facts and interact

Don’t be a shrinking violet on social media, get involved and start showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

LinkedIn groups are a good avenue to do this, an abundance of industries with their own groups offering you the chance to get involved in discussions and network. That said, ensure you know your onions – you don’t want to come across a fool.

…but don’t get excessive

Social media is a strange old beast and there’s fine lines involved in coming across positively or negatively.

You don’t want to come across spammy or desperate, so refrain from posting continual updates yearning for a job. Treat social media as you would a networking event – the same rules apply, even though you’re online.

And finally, get techy with your Twitter

As it stands, I’m unaware of add-ons that’ll assist your job search on Linkedin or Facebook, but I know of plenty that’ll help with Twitter.

Tweetdeck will make your Twitter use more targeted and efficient, whilst sites likes Listorious can help you track down those recruiters and companies that are looking for contractors. Essentially, they might spare you from wasting precious time.
Mark James is a writer for online accountancy firm Crunch

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