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What bad economy? Accountants find gainful employment

While the economy is still bad all over, there’s one sector where you’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence of that: accountants are still highly sought out.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that, according to a recently completed research study, most employers are not going to increase their college graduate hiring rates this fall. However, over 50 per cent of firms indicated that they will be looking in earnest for any accounting graduates they can find.

Hiring was up a paltry 2.1 per cent overall, according to the NACE study, which is a serious drop from the 13 per cent projections from fall of last year. Just shy of half of the firms surveyed did plan on increasing their hiring, even as more than one out of three said they will not be hiring as many new workers as they did in 2012. Still, graduating accountants are in some very good company, as 51 per cent of respondents said they will be actively looking for them; the only other graduates that exceeded accountants for demand were computer science majors, engineers, and business graduates.

It’s really no surprise that accountancy experts are going to be experiencing such high levels of demand, industry experts say, as businesses of all kinds require the very specific and helpful expertise that accountants bring with them. Every firm needs an accountant, and larger firms may even need more than one; multinationals have whole battalions of accountants working overtime to manage their billions in incomes and outgoings, relying on them very closely to ensure that all those financial details are sorted and don’t leave the firm exposed to prosecution by the taxman for improper tax reporting – or worse yet, tax avoidance!

So it just goes to show you, all you university students, that picking up some accountancy expertise isn’t the worst thing you could do. I know that I’m not necessarily brilliant at maths, but an accountancy degree could end up being worth its weight in gold down the line; you might want to seriously consider a career as an accountant if you don’t mind dealing with facts and figures all day every day.

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