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Three Time Saving Apps

Time! Precious time! There’s never enough and that isn’t going to change. The only thing for it is to try and save it. You want to be working in the most efficient way possible to keep everything slick and speedy. Here’s a few apps that will help claw back some time from the day.


While going about your business each day you’ll come across any number of things that you might want to remember later. It could be a job advert, a networking event flyer or reward poster for a cat you’re sure you saw yesterday. If you’re on the go, you don’t really have the time to scribble down the details. Instead with Evernote you can take a picture and file it accordingly as you go on your way. It essentially works as an electronic scrapbook, so you can add notes and details to whatever you save in the app. You can even record audio through it as well. It’s a great way to keep lots of disparate information together and organised.


It’s quite likely you would have used PayPal before to make payments online or even to receive payments from clients. Their website isn’t optimised for mobile devices and so it can be overly fiddly to try and access when you’re not at a computer. They do have an excellent app though which is well-designed and thought out. It’ll allow you to check your balance, make payments, send invoices and everything else you need. Incredibly handy for dealing with your finances at a moment’s notice.

Remember the Milk

Humans are a forgetful sort. Our evolution didn’t exactly prepare us for the world we live in now where not only do we have to remember our family’s names and birthdays, but to record their favourite TV shows too. There’s always so much going on that things just slip away. Remember The Milk can fix that for you though. It’s simple enough, you just enter in what you need to remember and when you need to do it by and it’ll give you a friendly nudge (read: alarm) to ensure that you do. That’s if you remember to set the reminder of course

Joshua Danton Boyd is a copywriter for the online accountants Crunch.

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