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So, who thought the 5th April was a good idea then?

In Great Britain, we have always been out of step with the rest of Europe. This is not only a recent issue, but has been going on for centuries and probably back to the Saxon invasion (not the band). However, unlike the rest of the world, we decided to have the most bizarre taxpayers year end in the developed world. The vast majority of EU countries use the normal calendar year end of December and the USA joins in with this. Australia went for the end of June, which makes sense as it fits in with their seasons and also Scott and Charlene.

But not us. We have the 5th April as our own tax year-end and this fits in with nobody, it makes little sense to clients or Accountants alike. Not only is it awkward, it is steeped in a history that illustrates our island mentality. Hundreds of years ago we had new year’s day on the 25th March  – because this is 9 months before Christmas day and is supposedly the day an Angel visited Mary and told her to book a 12 week scan. At the time, we used a different calendar to the rest of Europe –well why not, we didn’t like them back then either – and  so our calendar dates were different by 11 days.

After a while, and with the Pope being a bit bored having to remember different dates for different countries etc, he told us to get it sorted out. So we added 11 days onto our calendar and caught up with everyone else. Hence, 11 days after the 25th March is the 5th April each year. There you have it – next time you get annoyed with the 5th April being the most ridiculous personal tax year in history, don’t blame the Inland Revenue – pop to your local church and have a word with the Vicar/Priest/Monk.

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