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HMRC experiences online tax form Christmas rush

If anything can light a fire under the bottoms Brits lagging behind on their tax return, it’s the threat of increased penalties, leading to a sudden rush.

Nearly 1,550 Brits filed their tax return online on 25 December this year, according to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. The online self-assessment form was a big hit last year as well, with 1,100 individuals completing it on Christmas of 2011, but this year was 40 per cent more popular.

The run up to Christmas saw a massive increase to the number of Britons making use of the online facility, as last year there were only 4,115 people making use of it but 2012’s festive season had an astounding 14,330 people using it instead. People were also up all hours on Christmas, with more than 70 online forms sent in just an hour before midnight according to HMRC, and it continued well into Boxing Day with more than 4,680 further filings – up from last year’s 3,512.

There are more than ten and a half million tax payers that need to file a self-assessment form with the taxman every year. The post deadline is 31 October for the previous tax year, but anyone filing online have until 31 January of the next year, and if you receive any non-PAYE income it is declared there in order for it to be taxed properly, and is often a troublesome thing for contract workers or freelancers.

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