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Chancellor urged to address IR35 compliance

The Chancellor has been urged to address the issue of IR35 compliance this week in his Autumn Statement, according to a recent survey.

The fear that the IR35 compliance issue and how it affects the freelance community may have fallen to the wayside as George Osborne highlights the next few months of governmental budget strategy. Industry insiders say that now would be the best time to clear up much f the murkiness that has been plaguing the ‘disguised employment’ guidance, especially as much of the new guidance released over the past few months has done little but obfuscate matters even worse for some.

There are fears that Chancellor Osborne will announce a replacment to IR35, leading only to more strife for contract workers while doing little to simplify taxation. This has led contracting trade body PCG to call upon Osborne to address issues that are poised to affect freelancers, such as the newly-instituted public sector rules and the proposed changes concerning controlling persons.

Now, all eyes turn to the Chancellor today as he makes his Autumn Statement today. The Statement will be doubtless be analysed closely and dissected by taxation and economic experts over the next few days as the ramifications of Mr Osborne’s announcements are examined.

IR35 has been in the spotlight for much of this year, after scandals emerged concerning highly-compensated public employees classifying themselves as contractors in an effort to avoid paying their fair share of Income Tax and National Insurance. Tax avoidance issues have accordingly been at the forefront of much of HMRC’s actions over the past few months.

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