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Civil servants none too pleased with new PAYE rules

Civil servants have been so displeased with the new PAYE rules instituted by the Government that there have actually been threats of resignation made if any public sector contractors are forced into proving they’re making all the proper contributions on their salaries.

It’s become frowned upon to use a private company to receive your pay if you’re a government official now, thanks to a new push by the Government to drum out ‘off-payroll’ schemes that demands a freelancer prove they are making the proper tax deductions or be forced to receive their pay directly instead of through a private firm such as an umbrella company, all in the name of stamping out tax avoidance. This is all well and good, of course, but while the driving force behind this is to prevent instances such as with the Student Loans Company, after it came out that its chief executive, Ed Lester, had been filtering his pay through a service company in order to keep a bit more from the taxman than he should, not every freelancer is crooked and trying to keep more than his or her fair share; new anti-private company rules that require anyone earning more than £220 a day or employed on a project for more than six months to choose between going on-payroll or being terminated have raised the ire of countless public sector workers.

These new rules go into effect next month, and outcry has grown to the point of “you can’t fire us – we quit as countless contractors promise to resign rather than give up their freelance lifestyle. Honestly, they can’t be blamed, as no one likes to be pushed around by the bigger bloke, or to be held responsible for the sins of another, yet the Treasury has been notably quiet when it comes to answering criticism of the new plans.

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