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Tax evading plumber discovers that crime doesn’t pay!

Tax evading plumber discovers that crime doesn’t pay!

HMRC’s investigations into tax evasion have resulted in a plumber from the West Midlands receiving a 12-month jail sentence for failing to pay a total of £91,000 in national insurance and income tax.

Investigators caught up with 53-year-old David Williams last September and discovered cash totalling thousands of pounds stashed in his home.

Adrian Farley, the Revenue’s assistant director of criminal investigation, reiterated the government’s stance on tax evasion saying it deprives the UK of essential resources and the department will investigate if it suspects somebody is not contributing their fair share.

When sentencing him, His Honour Judge Challinor told the defendant that his crime was based on greed and people who were tempted to avoid paying taxes needed to be deterred. The Revenue is also instigating confiscation proceedings to ensure Williams and his family do not benefit from his dishonesty.

A further nine plumbers have also been arrested and are currently under investigation after HMRC targeted the trade with a special disclosure opportunity last year. These opportunities, which target groups the Revenue classes as ‘high risk’, give preferential terms to people who want to get their tax affairs in order. However, anyone who does not take up the offer will be heavily penalised and could face criminal prosecution if HMRC inspectors have to hunt them down.

So far the Revenue has raised more than £500 million from campaigns targeting people like medics and tutors and coaches and businesses that have been evading VAT. Follow-up activity has raised a further £110 million.

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