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Five years in jail for butcher who lied about his accountant

Five years in jail for butcher who lied about his accountant

Contractor accountants should be aware that stealing from the taxman doesn’t pay as a Yorkshire butcher found to his cost recently.

Gary Turner, a 47-year-old businessman from Morley, owned concessions in local Kwik Save branches. Turner’s Butchers was a successful enterprise until trade started to drop off in 1996, at which time Turner started siphoning off money.

The stolen cash was used to remodel the family home, purchase a nearby bungalow for his son and enjoy expensive villa holidays. He bought six high performance cars and his stash of Rolex watches was worth more than £35,000.

HMRC started to investigate Turner, who told them a fictitious accountant had his paperwork. He lied about his accounts and gave investigators false business records to back up his claims.

Eventually, Turner did confess to faking invoices and falsely claiming VAT amounts of between £19,000 and £46,000. He also admitted that he had not earned any legitimate income since his business started to go downhill in 1996 and everything he had told the Revenue since then was a lie.

The Assistant Director for Criminal Investigation at HMRC, Peter Hollier, said that it is a serious crime to commit tax fraud. Turner thought he had a watertight scam but Revenue investigators unravelled it.

HMRC has already restrained about £785,000 of his assets and confiscation proceedings are on-going to recover the remainder of the £3.3 million Turner gained from his criminal activities.

Turner is now serving five years in one of Her Majesty’s jails where he will no doubt enjoy a lifestyle well below that to which he had become accustomed.

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