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Budget 2012 – the new utopia of a modern Britain

Budget 2012 – the new utopia of a modern Britain

One of the few advantages of resting between contracts is that you can go off on holiday without that nagging feeling that you’re throwing away lots of earnings to do so. And yes, I know my rate is annualised to cover such things, but it always niggles. Still, no time like the present so She Who Must Be Obeyed and I are off to far-flung places for a few weeks. Well, some friends are getting married over in Napier and it would be rude not to attend, wouldn’t it?

I will miss a few things though (no, not daytime television). I’m here long enough to see Wales grind England in the mud at Twickenham but I’ll miss the triumphant finale over France (hey, I’m Welsh, we’re natural optimists). I’ll miss the start of the Formula 1 season. And, most importantly, I’ll miss the Budget.

Now the Budget might not seem to be high on most people’s list of desirable things to witness first hand, but this one might actually do something for small business like mine; certainly the last two haven’t so it must be our turn.

It will be interesting to see if the Office of Tax Simplification – remember them? – comes up with anything. More importantly, will the IR35 Forum actually deliver something substantive? Looking at the minutes of recent meetings they seem to be in classic Sir Humphrey mode, failing to take any suggestion forward to a workable proposal. Since they have to report in time for the Budget, I’m guessing that they may have actually had to produce something this time round. They might even manage to work out how to distinguish between a business and an employee, something that is as obvious as the difference between a walrus and a walnut to most of us, but this is a body staffed by people who work in the civil Service so they can’t be expected to understand non-employees.

There is also a faint chance that Cameron and Osborne can agree what they want to do to support UK businesses. Or even that they together will decide that St Vince of Cable is wrong (he is, of course, but it’s worrying they haven’t spotted it yet).

Still, I’ll have my smartphone with me, so I’ll be able to keep up with things from the other side of the globe. Providing I’m not spotted doing so by the management; for some reason she is of the opinion that you don’t do work stuff when you’re on holiday. Most odd…

Ah yes, smartphones. Someone in HMRC has reached the 21st Century at last, and they have realised that a smartphone is not a PDA (remember PDAs – like smartphones that couldn’t make phone calls). As a result they have decided that having a business-owned smartphone can be taxed the same way as a business-owned mobile phone. It’s a small step, but we ought to encourage them; one day they might think of something really worthwhile.

Anyway, you will be spared my ramblings for the next few weeks. When I return it will be to the new utopia of a modern Britain with a growing economy, which recognises freelance contractors as the heroes they are and which has put St Vince back in his box.

Or perhaps not…

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Alan has worked in IT for most of the last 35 years, and first went freelance in 1996. He has been a PCG member from its start and has been spreading the message that freelancing is a professional career choice for many years. Alan also runs Malvolio’s Blog, a personal but highly informative take on the life of the modern freelance.

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