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Unemployed accountants for contractors can turn to CABA for help job seeking

Unemployed accountants for contractors can turn to CABA for help job seeking

The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association launched two new services last week to provide support and advice for unemployed contractor accountants.

We now have an unemployment rate of 8.4% in the UK after another 48,000 people lost their job in the final quarter of 2011. Unemployment is now at its highest for 16 years.

The second most likely reason for chartered accountants contacting CABA last year was unemployment and these latest services have been designed to create a structured approach when it comes to providing help.

The first service is called Workfriend and it’s an interactive online system for career management. It operates 24/7 and includes audio and video, written materials and a variety of other tools. Users can also speak to an individual career coach over the phone for a period of three months. Workfriend aims to help those who have recently lost their job and want to refresh their job seeking skills.

For those accountants who have been out of work for a while, CABA has launched Career Coaching. Although this is a face-to-face service, there are also learning events and online support. Each participant will be allocated a professional career coach who will provide bespoke guidance over a period of between three and six months. The coach will also be able to help job seekers with government agency advice.

CABA’s head of operations, Helena Coxshall, said that calls from unemployed accountants come through almost daily. The majority of them want help and support and it doesn’t look as if the number of calls is likely to reduce in the immediate future. CABA therefore decided it was time to offer dedicated services to help unemployed accountants.

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