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HMRC doubles corporation tax take from large business investigations

HMRC doubles corporation tax take from large business investigations

HMRC raked in an additional £4.06 billion through its investigations into corporation tax last year.

The Large Business Service compliance unit has doubled the amount it raised in just five years. According to McGrigors this proves that the coalition is not giving into the needs of big business as some people have implied.

Jason Collins, a partner at the law firm, the Revenue is trying to get as much money as they can from investigations into big corporations. UK Uncut and other tax lobbying groups in the UK claim the government has gone soft on large businesses, but these figures prove this is not true.

The Treasury is trying to make Britain a more attractive place for companies to operate in by reducing the rate of corporation tax. However, big businesses might think twice about setting up here if they believe HMRC has a strategy to squeeze large corporations dry, he added.

Meanwhile, the LITRG has issued guidance so that taxpayers can check their new PAYE code is correct.

By early March, HMRC will have issued about 18 million coding notices to pensioners and employees informing them of their PAYE code for the tax year beginning in April.

There are sections in the guide explaining the basics of PAYE codes, how to check your code online if you are a self-assessment taxpayer and how to contact HMRC by phone if you have problems.

There have been problems with Revenue coding notices over the last couple of years and every taxpayer should check their code carefully and query anything they do not understand. Failure to do so could mean you pay more or less tax than you should do and this can lead to problems further down the line.

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