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HMRC to recoup overdue tax through PAYE system

HMRC to recoup overdue tax through PAYE system

Contractor accountants need to be aware that HMRC intends to code out employee debts of less than £3,000 through the PAYE system.

As from April this year, the Revenue will be able to change an employee’s tax code to reflect debts of up to £2,999 providing he or she pays their tax through PAYE. Pensioners owing tax to HMRC will also receive an amended tax code.

If an employee’s income or circumstances have changed during the year, he may not have paid sufficient tax. If this were to occur, the employee will receive a form P800 Tax Calculation informing them of the amount owing.

HMRC’s guidance on the use of PAYE for recouping underpayments of tax says the underpayment will normally be included in the following year’s tax code if it is less than £3,000. The money will be reclaimed in equal instalments, usually over a period of 12 months. Therefore if you did not pay sufficient tax in the 2010-11 tax year, this will be recouped in the tax year beginning 6th April 2012.

The Revenue began sending out letters to people who owed small amounts of tax last August. Tax credit claimants who owed money to HMRC started getting similar letters last October. The letters explained that this year’s tax code might be adjusted to take the amount owing into consideration and offering taxpayers the final chance to settle in full or contact the government department to make alternative payment arrangements.

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