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Is there a glimmer of hope in otherwise dismal economic times?

Is there a glimmer of hope in otherwise dismal economic times?

You cannot have failed to notice that there’s been a bit of trouble brewing in the Eurozone recently.

The UK’s membership of the European Union has never suited everybody and sure enough, the “Get out of Europe” brigade is having a field day.

Since we joined the EU, it’s been quick to impose thousands of regulations on us, many of which are expensive to implement and heap pointless bureaucracy on British businesses.

Take the Agency Workers Directive for example. The CBI warned that 250,000 jobs could be at stake if it was implemented and Open Europe has estimated that 80% of those affected will be in the UK. Furthermore, the impact assessment conducted by the Government estimated that it would cost British businesses £3.7 billion to prepare for AWR.

Then we have health and safety regulations. It has been estimated that health and safety regulations have cost the British economy £176 billion over the last thirteen years and 71% of that can be attributed to legislation from the EU. That’s almost £125 billion the UK has spent courtesy of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

If countries continue to muddle through the current crisis, the chances are that nations like Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Spain plunge back into recession. There would also be a 70% chance of that happening in the UK.

Amid all the chaos it would have been easy to miss one piece of good news from the ONS! The UK CPI inflation rate dropped to 4.8% and the RPI fell to 5.2% last month; both down 0.2 percentage points. The Bank of England now expects inflation will drop to under 2% within the next 18 months. That will be something to look forward to!

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