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Will HMRC changes affect online accountants?

Will HMRC changes affect online accountants?

It may come as no surprise to some contractor accountants to hear that HMRC is going to have a new permanent secretary for tax next summer.

In addition to announcing the retirement of Dave Hartnett, the government has also revealed that Lin Homer, the permanent secretary at the DoT will take over as chief executive at HMRC.

Homer may find she is taking over during a period of disarray as the Revenue looks for somebody to fill board chairman Mike Clasper’s position and a successor to Hartnett.

Qualified lawywer Homer said she would benefit from the continuity and experience provided by Hartnett and Clasper as she settles into her role at HMRC. Hartnett has done great things for the UK in the battle against tax evasion, avoidance and fraud and without him, billions more tax could have been lost.

Despite his high profile stance against fraudsters, Hartnett has been involved in more than his fair share of controversy recently. His role in negotiating disputed corporate tax settlements with companies like Goldman Sachs and Vodafone brought him into the spotlight and led to calls for his resignation.

UK Uncut members last month held a protest calling for Hartnett’s resignation and ever since the HMRC coding fiasco in 2010, numerous people have been calling for changes at the top of the Revenue.

Dame Leslie Strathie, the outgoing chief executive, resigned last month for health reasons, and with Hartnett soon to go, the protesters have got their way.

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