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SMEs want contractor accountants to provide online services

SMEs want contractor accountants to provide online services

Online accountants may be interested to learn that 38% of SMEs in the UK will expect all their documents to be processed digitally within the next 2 years.

New research from CCH also found that just under three quarters of SMEs want to send at least 50% of their data to their accountant digitally.

SMEs are embracing online technology and many of them have now migrated sales, purchasing, recruitment and marketing functions online as a means of saving both time and money. Small firms also conduct accounting, banking and insurance functions online. In fact 60% of the survey’s respondents said they conducted at least some of their banking online.

CCH Software’s head, Simon Crompton, explained that there was a growing appetite for online systems, especially among younger entrepreneurs. SMEs are a driving force when it comes to adopting new technology and accountants need to ask their clients where they stand on the issue.

Some firms may opt to continue accessing their accounting services as before, but the majority will not want to do this indefinitely and the results of the survey seem to back this up.

Accountants do seem to be getting the message. 44% of SMEs said they could access at least one service online. Some accountants allow clients to enter their data into an online accounting system, whilst others will accept scanned documents via email. SMEs that do not already enjoy these benefits are hoping to see them within the next two years.

Crompton continued by encouraging accountants to establish their credibility and introduce software to show their clients that they are moving towards the online accountancy environment they want to see. Just in case contractor accountants need any further encouragement, he also pointed out that 31% of SMEs said integration with their accountant’s system was considered a key benefit.

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