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Are sluggish IT systems reducing your employees’ morale?

Are sluggish IT systems reducing your employees’ morale?

One of the biggest bugbears among office workers, including contractor accountants, is sluggish IT systems, according to a study by Samsung. Its research found that 68% of office professionals cited slow IT as the most annoying part of their working life.

Employees were also questioned about fellow workers’ behaviour that annoyed them. 34% complained about their colleagues talking loudly when on the phone and 27% were irritated by people not refilling the paper supply after using the printer.

Employers may like to take note of the survey results, especially if they want to retain key employees. For example, business leaders may want to consider investing in new PCs and faster technology so that employees can carry out their duties at their natural pace.

The Work Foundation’s Wilson Wong agreed that slow IT was a major irritant. He said that he experienced that very issue in his workplace and it was hugely annoying.

He went on to suggest that IT departments can get around the issue by allowing employees to use mobile devices or work flexibly. However, he did acknowledge that not all employers were comfortable with the prospect of flexible working.

Meanwhile, a new study by OPP the workplace psychologists, has discovered that more than 20% of British workers regularly consider giving up their job and becoming freelancers due to this stress.

66% of respondents to the survey said they watched TV or films to relieve stress, while just under 50% surfed the net. 31% of people listed having a hot bath or drinking alcohol as stress relievers.

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