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Soaring cost of childcare forces families into poverty

Soaring cost of childcare forces families into poverty

A recent survey by Save the Children and the Daycare Trust revealed that some British parents have to spend more than 33% of their income on childcare and this is preventing many women from returning to work and piling financial pressure onto parents.

The REC responded to these claims last week by highlighting the important role specialist recruitment agencies play in delivering a flexible childcare workforce.

The Chair of REC Childcare, Judith Ivers, explained that the cost of childcare is often a major barrier to a parent going back to work. Specialist childcare recruitment agencies provide parents with high quality, affordable childcare.

In addition to considering the cost of childcare, we also need to make sure that there is a pool of properly vetted, suitably trained childcare workers, she continued. Childcare recruiters provide us with this peace of mind.

An increasing number of parents in Northern Ireland are being pushed into poverty due to soaring childcare costs. They spend an average 45% of their income on childcare. Some families on low incomes are having to turn down jobs and others are thinking about leaving their jobs because they cannot afford the cost of childcare.

Whilst parents say they need to work, childcare costs are eating up such a large proportion of their income that nearly 25% are now in debt as a result. One Northern Irish mother said that it was hard to find affordable childcare and if she had to pay for a child minder or private nursery there would be no point in her going out to work.

If the government wants to persuade parents that working is the way out of poverty, it needs to make sure effective and affordable childcare support is available.

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